Haikus by Hugh MacConville


Winter Morning
Five pine trees in a row on the path up the mountain on a winter’s morning. Buy Now

St John's Eve
St John's Eve bonfire night is a tradition that is kept on the 23 June along the western seaboard of Ireland. Years ago, we used to climb the mountain on the evening of the 23rd of June and watch out for the tell-tale smoke rising from bonfires along the coast stretching from north Mayo all the way to Donegal. It connects communities in a very ancient way. Although the Covid lockdown in June 2020 kept everyone in their own place, the smoke rising at sunset connected communities again. Buy Now

The Haggard
In the haggard that adjoins the ruins of the old cottage, the wind rustling in the long grass suggests that older spirts may have claimed this spot. Buy Now

And Out There The Island
The many islands of Clew Bay are connected by tidal channels. With the water half in and half out, the light playing on the wet sand and the ever-moving sea draw your eye west to the island in the distance. Buy Now

Fairy Tree Knocknarea
The whitethorn tree that clings to the meagre soil of the mountainside is sculpted by the wind. In older times when fairies were on the go the whitethorn was supposed to be one of their favourite haunts. On Knocknarea that type of thing could happen. Buy Now

December On The River
Reeds on the river don’t make a fuss about themselves. They are just there. But they are always a moving presence. On a windy or a foggy day, they have something to say . . . quietly. Buy Now

Connaught St, Phibsboro
The red bricks of Dublin warm the winter sunlight. On a summer evening they glow. Or is that just my memory? Buy Now

While You Were Sleeping
Mist creeps along the hedgerows and the valleys on a mid-winter morning. Most sensible people are still in bed. Buy Now

Call of Spring
Spring-green grass, bare trees and a racing sky. It is spring. Buy Now