Landscape Photography

The Soul of Things

There is a moment when light, movement, the shape that things are, a stillness, a gust of wind and that is when the landscape reveals the soul of things.
You know when it happens and when you put the picture up on the screen and it stops you and you look at it again….and again.

The Three Sisters, Smerwick, Co Kerry
A veil of rain sweeps in from the ocean across the Three Sisters headland in Smerwick, Co. Kerry. Buy Now

Rolling Sea Fog, Co Sligo
Ever-changing, ever-moving, a rolling sea fog invades the coast and the winter sun plays hide and seek. As quick as it came, it is gone. Buy Now

Glencar October, Co Sligo
Autumn brown reeds hover above the reflection of the last bit of light in an October evening.

Borderlands, Culleenamore beach, Co Sligo
The ever-changing intertidal zone is the borderland between two worlds, the sea and the land. Like all borderlands, it has its own tensions, which go on to create its own magic.

The Edge of the Planet, Carrowteige, Co Mayo
At Carrowteige at the very corner of northwest Mayo you look out onto the North Atlantic ocean and you know you are on the edge of the planet.

May Evening, Clew Bay, Co Mayo
Just after the sun has set, the evening stretches into night.

Morning on the Ox Mountains, Co Sligo
The morning mist and mystery feeds the human imagination and probably has done so for thousands of years.

At Dooney Rock, Co Sligo
The poet WB Yeats immortalized Dooney Rock in his poem ‘The Fiddler of Dooney’: ‘When I play my fiddle at Dooney, folk dance like a wave of the sea’.

Reeds on the River, Garavogue river, Sligo
The first mist of autumn transforms the reeds on the river into playful moving sculptures.

Inisheer, Aran Islands, Co Galway
Looking back at Connemara from Inisheer, the smallest of the Aran Islands, on a calm evening. When the last ferry has gone, peace descends.

A Passing Moment, Ballintrillick, Co Sligo
A moment of light on the face of the mountain feeds a storyteller’s imagination of fairies and people long gone. That is the soul of things.

Dawn at Oyster Lane, Co Sligo
Autumn air from the land meets cold air from the incoming tide. The mist performs a mysterious dance.

Dawn of a New Year, Knocknarea, Co Sligo
Early on a new year morning on Knocknarea, the rising sun lights up the mist.

The Last Light of a Winter Day, Glencar, Co Sligo
The last light of a winter day flashes golden rays on the reeds on the lake.